About us

What is IDTS & FARGO

DTS is the region´s premier, authorised distributor for HID Fargo Secure Card Issuance printer such as the Fargo Printer and Fargo Card Printer.

Having served organizations from myriad sectors including government, financial and educational, and far-reaching across the nation, IDTS´s Fargo integrator network is made up of professionals across these sectors and beyond in:

  • Identification and Secure Access Controls
  • Retail & Loyalty Solutions
  • Smart School Systems
  • ONE Card Solutions

fargo malaysia

  • Ongoing sales and support services for Secure Card Issuance Systems.
  • Real-world experience to implement solutions from High-Security Access Controls to a card solution in buying a meal in the cafeteria with a student ID printed and encoded by FARGO Card Printer

Our Commitment

IDTS has worked with business partners and is providing solutions to prominent clients in Malaysia and within the region, serving all types of businesses and varying industries, including:

  • Top Fortune 500 companies
  • Multinational companies (MNCs)
  • Public-listed companies (PLCs)
  • Government-Linked companies (GLCs)
  • Small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Government sector
  • Financial services sector
  • Education sector

fargo malaysia